White Paper on Celiac Disease

To ensure early diagnosis and treatment as early as possible, specialists in Madrid presented the White Paper on Celiac Disease. The main idea is to promote awareness of celiac disease with a pioneering book in Spain. In this way, is to improve awareness of ...Read More

New project to help celiacs

Once again, the celiac community receives good news to help celiacs because with the inertia to change and find implications that favor commitments, has launched the Project to Aid Spanish Celiac (PACE). Help Celiacs Thus, professional institutions Chemical and socially aware are concerned about ...Read More
Solidarity and gluten Oven
In the Special School No. 501 of Tandil, Argentina, students comprehensive training group are developing a project entitled Solidaririty gluten oven, from which address local needs with a commitment to collaborate. The Deputy Director of the Establishment Grill Cristina explained that the project area ...Read More

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